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Capital Projects- See what we're working on!

CPNMD Capital Projects

Updated  3/18/2024

We are hard at work making big changes to our system!  Stay tuned as we work to increase the reliability of your water and wastewater services. 

Water Treatment Plant Upgrades – There are 6 projects currently in the design and/or construction phases. 

  •  HVAC System Upgrades – Glacier Construction Co. has mobilized to the site to begin active construction for both the HVAC System Upgrades and Backwash Reclaim Tank Rehabilitation projects. Glacier will begin installing new HVAC Equipment after they meet critical milestones for the Backwash Reclaim Tank Project.
    • Status: Complete
    • Contract End Date: August 2023
  • Backwash Reclaim Tank Rehabilitation – Glacier Construction Co. has mobilized to the site to begin active construction for both the HVAC System Upgrades and Backwash Reclaim Tank Rehabilitation projects. The existing tank lid has been removed and the new lid will be installed by the end of the month.
    •  Status: Complete
    • Contract End Date: September 2023
  • Liquid Ammonia Sulfate (LAS) Storage and Feed System Upgrade – KJ (Kennedy Jenks, CPNMD engineer) is continuing to work on the final design documents. Some scope was added to the design to coordinate the LAS Upgrade Project with the upgrades being constructed under the Backwash Reclaim Tank Rehabilitation Contract.
    • Status: Construction to begin Q2 2024
    •  Anticipated Project Bid: Awarded
    • Anticipated Completion: 8 weeks from project start. 
  • Tank Rehabilitation Program – This program includes both the potable water storage tanks and the water tanks at the water treatment plant. KJ is finalizing the design report for the rehabilitation of the WTP storage tanks (Raw Water, Clear-well, and Backwash Supply) in preparation for creating contract documents for bidding this summer.
    • Status: Complete
    •  Anticipated Project Bid: Awarded
  • Facility Documentation Program – KJ and the District staff have kicked off the Facility Documentation Program. This project goal is to capture, document, and/or develop the infrastructure, controls programming, and operational procedures related to the Water Treatment Plant. KJ is working with Mountain Peaks the system integrator to create P&ID’s for the WTP, as well as as-built the facility electrically. KJ has also started to work with the District’s third party asset management vendor to begin the process of updating the registry.
    • Status: The following phases of the Facility Documentation Program are active
      • ​​​Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls Documentation: This project phase is active and is estimated to be completed by Q2 of 2024.
      • Code Summary Analysis: This project phase is active and is estimated to be completed by Q3 of 2023.
      •  Asset Management Registry Update: This project phase is active. KJ and the District’s 3rd party asset registry designer are beginning a data entry pilot in Q3 of 2023 that will determine the remainder of this phases scope.
  • Filter Rehabilitation Project - KJ and the District have been working together to define the scope of work to upgrade/rehabilitate the 6 media filters at the WTP to operate more efficiently. This will likely include upgrading the media types within the filters and replacing the equipment within each filter with more modern equipment. The first step will be to pilot media options with the Districts raw water. KJ is currently working on a proposal for the piloting work.
    • /Status: KJ is finalizing proposal for pilot phase of the project
    • Anticipated Bid: Q3 2024
    • Pilot Testing Underway (16 weeks, beginning late March 2024)


Wastewater System Projects 

  • Lift Station Upgrades –CPNMD is completing upgrades to 7 of the districts 8 wastewater lift stations. This long-over due project is expected to bring much needed reliability to our wastewater system, including the elimination of two lift stations that currently sit in City of Castle Pines operated Parks Trails and Open Space.  We have initiated final design. We are coordinating with the surveyor, geotechnical engineer, and utility locate/pothole company to kick-off their work. We have also begun coordinating agency reviews.
    We are working through final plan approval with the State of Colorado, and have State mandated deadlines for project completion, we anticipate being done well in advance of the required completion dates. For phase 1 we have a project completion deadline of  March of 2027. For Phase 2 we have a project completion deadline of July 2027
    • PHASE 1
      • Status: Currently in design
      • Anticipated Bid: Q1 2025
      • Anticipated Project Completion: Q2 2026
    • PHASE 1
      • Status: Currently in design
      • Anticipated Bid: Q3 2025
      • Anticipated Project Completion: Q4 2026

Other Water System Projects 

  • Monarch Waterline Replacement (Phase 1)- We are working with the City Of Castle Pines to replace the existing waterline in Monarch from Castle Pines Parkway, to Glen Oaks Avenue. This will be done in conjunction with the Monarch Road Replacement Project.   Phase 2 of this project is currently scheduled for 2025.
    • Status: Active Construction
    • Anticipated Completion Date: (waterline only): Mid-May 2024
  • Yorkshire Water Line Replacement - We are working with the city on multiple projects to align road construction projects with capital water line replacements to save both entities, and our residents from unnecessary expenses. The Yorkshire Water Line will be replaced ahead of the City’s pavement restoration in Yorkshire. The survey and utility locates have been completed and we are preparing the final design plans. We anticipate bidding the project this summer and hope to complete construction this fall.
    • Status: Construction Underway, Expected Completion end of Q1 2024
    • Anticipated Bid: Bid Awarded 
  • Well Vault Rehab Project – Kennedy Jenks is currently designing the rehabilitative upgrades needed for each well vault in the District.
    • Status: Currently in design
    • Anticipated Project Bid: Q1 2024
  • Sample Stations – CPNMD is installing 20 sample stations for water quality sampling throughout CPNMD
    • Status: Active Construction
    • Anticipated Project Completion: Q2 2024
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