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5 Quick Tips to Use Less Water

Are You Wallet Or Water Conscious?
Check out these 5 conservation tips.

  1. Scratch the grass. And replace it with xeric shrubs, ground covers and water-efficient grasses, such as Blue Grama, Buffalo Grass and Dog Tuff™.
  2. Reduce fertilizer fever. Fertilizer promotes plant growth, but also increases water consumption. Apply the minimum amount needed.
  3. Train your turf. Proper lawn watering techniques, like using less water and irrigating deeply and infrequently, can save thousands of gallons of water annually.
  4. Upgrade and save. CPNMD offers rebates when you upgrade your sprinkler system with Rotary Nozzles, ET- based irrigation controllers and rain sensors.
  5. Spend 90, save thousands. Sign-up for a FREE 90-minute sprinkler audit that includes minor sprinkler head adjustments, efficiency tests and a customized water schedule that could save thousands of gallons of water. Click here to learn more!
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