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What is the white residue on my dishes, or the buildup on my showerhead?

For CPNMD customers, this is most noticable in the winter month's when we are utilizing water treated by Centennial Water and Sanitation District. The treated surface water we recieve is significantly harder water than that of our groundwater sources. 

The residue and buildup is from high concentrations of naturally occurring minerals, mostly calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water. This is known as hard water. Hard water can prevent the leaching of metals like lead and copper into the water by creating a buildup of scale inside of your pipes and plumbing. Centennial has very hard water with an average hardness of 240-293 mg/L CaCO3. 

The white spots on your dishes can easily be removed by adding a cup of vinegar to the bottom of your dishwasher with each load.

The buildup on your showerhead can be removed by soaking your showerhead in vinegar overnight. Using a cloth with vinegar and wiping down your shower head frequently can help to prevent future buildup. 

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