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Water Service Disruption

We are experiencing an unplanned service interruption, due to a water main break!

Map of the impacted area: 
(continue scrolling for more information on potential impacts, what you can expect, and what steps you can take)

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What can I expect?

  • We will keep the notification post updated with timing, and other important information. 
  • You MAY experience discolored water, this can happen both in the immediate and surrounding areas.  This is seen on wide spectrum, from a light yellow and in rare more extreme cases a deep brown or red coloration may be present.  
    • Our water supply has a larger concentration of iron present. While we do treat for it, some remains in the water and over time will build up on the inside of our pipeline walls in a process known as "scaling". Main break events can disturb this iron, and cause temporary discoloration. 
  • Less likely, but certainly possible are taste and odor differences in the water, this is not entirely uncommon during these events.
  • These are not indicators of un-safe water. We keep the break under (minimal) pressure until the damaged section of pipe is exposed, all repair parts are disinfected prior to installation, and immediately following the break we flush hydrants in the area to alleviate air, and get rid of any discolored water.
    • If there was or is ANY indication or even potential, that the safety of our drinking water has been compromised, IMMEDIATE action would be taken to notify our residents. 

My Water is Brown! Is it safe? What do I do?

YES! Your water does remain safe for consumption. Iron is a non-regulated (tier 2) contaminant, there are no known negative health side-effects. It can affect the aesthetic qualities of your drinking water (taste, color, odor).  It is safe. 

  • However, we understand that it is not appealing! We ask that you take the following steps:
    1. Run your COLD water faucets for 10 minutes. If it clears up great! If not proceed to step 2.
    2. Wait 4(ish) hours.  Repeat the process of running your cold water, this time for 15 minutes.
    3. If after the second flush the brown water persists, give us a call (303-688-8550) or submit an email through our "Water Quality" form in the contact us section of our website.   We will provide further information, and if necessary dispatch a crew to do additional flushing in your area!

What NOT to do...

  • If you are experiencing discolored water, DO NOT run your hot water, or do any laundry or dishes! Pulling the discolored water into your water heater isn't the end of the world, but you may need to flush your water heater separately to clear it up.
  • The discolored water can also cause laundry and fixture staining.  If you experience any issues with laundry or fixture discoloration we recommend the following (use as directed on product packaging):
    1. If there is laundry staining,  we recommend "Iron Out" a laundry detergent product that is effective a removing iron stains from fabrics.
    2. For any fixture staining (especially porcelain) "Bar Keepers Friend" does the trick. 

My faucets are shooting small spurts of water, or I hear air rushing out of them? What do I do?

No need to worry, you are experiencing air forced through your service line after we have recharged the damaged line. 

  • Follow these simple steps...
    1.  Slightly open a cold water faucet at the highest point in your home (often an upstairs bathroom)
    2. Allow the air to escape, this may take a few minutes! Spurting water is normal, just wait until you get a good, steady flow. 
    3. Check the other fixtures in your home, and repeat this same process as necessary. 
    4. If flow fully returns, but the water is discolored, follow the instructions listed above. 

 If you would like more information, or are experiencing continued water quality concerns after having followed the recommended steps above, you can reach us through our Online Water Quality Contact Form (click here), or call our main office at 303-688-8550

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