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Summer Turf Repair

January and February of this year were unseasonably warm and dry, and that led to damage to lawns. This type of damage typically occurs in one of two forms: either desiccation (plant dries out) or mite damage.

This spring, nearly two acres of bluegrass failed to green up in our community, the result of winter desiccation. In response to this, CPNMD recently had these areas aerated and covered with a compost/grass seed mix. Over the next several weeks, you may see the irrigation active during daylight hours, running on short cycles on the large turf areas along the east side of Monarch Blvd., north and south of Castle Pines Pkwy. This will continue for the next several weeks until the grass seed germinates.

Please feel free to contact Craig Miller, Parks & Open Space Manager, with any questions. He can be reached at or 303-242-3266.

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