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First Public Basketball Courts Proposed for Castle Pines North

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CASTLE PINES NORTH, Colo. – Despite the Castle Pines area’s reputation for outdoor recreation, Castle Pines North does not have one public basketball court to accommodate the community’s b-ball enthusiasts. That’s about to change.

On Monday September 26, the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District (CPNMD), which owns and maintains three public parks within the community, submitted plans to the City of Castle Pines for two proposed basketball courts south of the skate park at Coyote Ridge Park.

To date, parents have been shuttling their kids outside the community to play on outdoor courts and a group of kids in one neighborhood is playing regularly in a fire lane, which poses a safety hazard.

“These new courts will be a win for our community,” says Jim Nikkel, district manager. “Basketball players, big and small, have been asking for a place to play outdoor ball and we’re well-positioned to grant their wish.”

CPNMD, which owns the land at Coyote Ridge Park, has secured funding from Great Outdoors Colorado to build and maintain the courts. This proposed community amenity will not be paid for with tax revenue.

CPNMD had planned to build outdoor basketball courts at Retreat Park, but proposed plans drew concerns from the park’s bordering neighbors. CPNMD went back to the drawing board and identified a new location within their four-square-mile service area of Castle Pines North.

“We place a high value on community engagement,” says Jim Nikkel. “When we learned about the concerns of some neighbors, we took the opportunity to rethink the location of the basketball courts. Coyote Ridge Park is a natural fit because its skate park draws youth from all over Castle Pines.”

For every improvement CPNMD makes to its public parks and trails, there’s an increase in the care of and appreciation for these amenities among the public. CPNMD hopes to further add value with these basketball courts.

CPNMD submitted plans to the City seek approval for a grading permit to address drainage improvement and erosion control for the area, which requires simple administrative approval. Because CPNMD owns the land and the park, no other approvals are required.

Assuming the timely issuance of the grading permit, CPNMD will start construction this fall, allowing the courts to be open next summer.

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