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Allison Kinkel

Position: Utility Billing Specialist 

Allison, through our contract with Community Resource Services of Colorado is responsible for ensuring all facets of  utility billing go smoothly. She handles everything from setting up new accounts,  and processing billing,  to generating and uploading the meter route.   She has an unmatched willingness to go above and beyond.  She also  fields customer inquiries, generates work orders,  has helped fill in for staffing shortages, vacation coverages, and countless other tasks.  Allison is truly always up to a new challenge.

As if that weren't enough, she serves as the defacto right-hand of our Office Operations Manager. Her value to our team cannot be understated. Generally speaking, she spends 3 days a week at CPNMD offices, but in practice she has been working in-district much more frequently, as she assists with other projects and district needs.  

Allison holds a bachelors' degree in criminal justice from The University of Texas at Arlington, and has spent most of her career to this point working in the oil and gas industry. She has fully embraced her career shift into the field of  Special Districts, and has quickly shown her ability to bring immense value to any organization. 

Beyond her professional contributions to our team, she is a great addition to CPNMD's office culture, exemplifying reliability, innovation, and dedication.  Simply put, she's just a really fun person to work with, and her presence is always welcomed by our entire team.  

In her personal time, you're most likely to find Allison pushing herself at the gym, finding a good meal, or relaxing at home. 

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