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Storm Water

May contain: grass, plant, path, outdoors, water, ditch, and nature

Stormwater is just that – water that comes from weather events. When rain or snowmelt follows the natural contours of the land it gathers in natural or manmade low spots or retention ponds. The District maintains regional storm drain detention facilities throughout the community. All other storm drain culverts and pipelines are maintained by the City of Castle Pines and HOA’s. Specific drainage improvements within individual parcels are designed and installed by individual developers. The District also provides water erosion control in natural drainage areas in the community.

Keep it Clean Because We're All Downstream

Stormwater runoff occurs when rain or snowmelt is not absorbed and flows over the ground. As stormwater flows over driveways, lawns and sidewalks, it picks up debris, chemicals and other pollutants.

When stormwater flows into a storm drain, or sewer system, it eventually finds its way into our creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Any pollution that enters a storm drain is discharged, untreated, into the water we use for fishing, swimming, and even for drinking.

Plants, fish, animals and people are all affected by polluted stormwater. Imagine thousands of people dropping cigarette butts on the street, sweeping dirt off their driveways or washing detergent off their cars and down the storm drain. It ALL ends up in our water.

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