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Renewable Water


Water Conservation Isn't the Only Solution

As public awareness has increased about declining aquifer levels, residents have adopted water saving methods to reduce the demand for water. While these efforts have reduced overall water demand in Castle Pines North, water conservation alone cannot be viewed as the only solution to the community's water needs. The sheer volume of demand by surrounding communities also impacts Castle Pines North's primary water resource--the Denver Aquifer Basins.

Finding renewable water resources is vital in order to meet the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District's existing demand for water by growing populations. It is not practical to drill additional wells into a basin that cannot be replenished. The number and location of wells is strictly regulated and impacts neighboring communities. Castle Pines North lacks the needed space for more wells.    [More]

Integrated Water Resource Plan

The Castle Pines North Metropolitan District Board of Directors and the District staff believe that acquiring renewable water resources is the number one priority for the District. Groundwater levels and well production rates in Douglas County continue to decline, while demand for water increases as the population grows.

The District Board of Directors undertook and completed an Integrated Water Resource Plan (IWRP) to evaluate our current and future water demands, conservation strategies, the sustainability of the current Denver Basin Groundwater assets, and identify potential renewable water resource alternatives. Camp, Dresser, and McKee (CDM), a large national engineering firm, conducted the study.

Castle Pines North Metropolitan District Secures
Water Storage for Renewable Water Supply

September 3, 2008 - Castle Pines North, Colo.

Castle Pines North Metropolitan District has reached one of its most significant milestones in its procurement of renewable water.  The agreement with the Parker Water and Sanitation District to obtain 1,500 acre-feet of storage space in the Rueter-Hess Reservoir was finalized August 28, 2008.

Rueter-Hess is the first major step in providing renewable water to the Castle Pines North community.  The reservoir, located in southwest Parker, will provide water storage for a proposed water treatment plant that will deliver water to Castle Pines North and Castle Rock.  It also provides carry over water storage in the event of drought or water delivery interruption.  The reservoir has a total storage capacity of 72,000 acre-feet and is scheduled for completion in approximately three years.  The cost to purchase the storage space was $8.25 million.  Wells Fargo provided financing which enabled the District to issue Certificates of Participation bonds.

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Renewable Water - Why You Should Care

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