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2014 Watering Calendar

Click Here for the 2014 Watering Calendar and Xeriscape Class schedule.

Free Irrigation
Audits Available!

Slow the Flow
Slow the Flow Colorado is a free Sprinkler inspection program available to residents of Castle Pines North Metro District. The sprinkler inspections – also known as irrigation audits – are conducted by trained water auditors. Click for more info.

Xeriscape Plantes for Front Range Gardens Xeriscape Plantes for Front Range Gardens

Election News

Due to having no more eligible candidates than open director positions, the election to be held May 6 has been cancelled and the nominated candidates declared elected. For more information, read the official notice:
[Read Official Notice]

Notice of 2014 Rate and Fee Adjustments

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MWH Global-Proposed 2014 Rate & Fee Adjustments

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Neighborhood Advisory

Stay tuned for future information.

Water Quality Control & Consumer Confidence Report

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Free Xeriscape Classes
All classes are held at the Community Center, 7404 Yorkshire Dr.
and begin at 10 AM. Light refreshments will be served.

September 20Principles of Xeriscape 7 — Maintenance
Maintaining the landscape cannot be forgotten, even in a xeriscape. Pruning, occasional weeding and pest management, checking that the irrigation system is functioning properly, and adjusting automatic irrigation systems as the seasons change will be needed. Come learn what you need to know to maintain your xeriscape properly.
October 18How to Kill a Tree
Our 5 step program for “Assisted Herb-icide” will teach you how to properly care for your trees. From poor pruning to construction damage, improper planting to over watering, we will cover the tree maintenance practices that shorten the lives of trees in our urban forest.
November 15Pruning 101
So how do you properly prune that tree or shrub in your yard? Why and when should you prune? What should you look for when contracting with a tree care professional? These and other questions will be answered during the course of this enlightening class.
December 1310 Things NOT to do in Your Landscape
Some of the worst landscape care practices will be illustrated in this talk. This is your comprehensive guide to over watering, over planting, herbicide misapplication, tree abuse and inappropriate species selection.

Irrigation System Winterization Tips

Frozen Pipe

DID YOU KNOW? — Cold weather precautions save lots of frozen pipe disasters.

With cold weather approaching, the Metro District is encouraging residents and businesses to take action to prevent frozen pipes.

Tips you can do to keep your plumbing pipes from freezing.

  • Open cabinet doors to allow heat to reach pipes under sinks and appliances especially near exterior walls.
  • If you are going away do not set the thermostat lower than 55 degrees and have a neighbor check to make sure the house is warm enough and that pipes haven’t frozen.
  • On cold nights let a trickle of hot and cold water drip from a faucet on an outside wall.
  • Insulate pipes, or use polyfoam “boot” faucet caps, to enclose exposed faucets and pipes that are more susceptible to freezing.

We have available at our District offices a pamphlet with step-by-step instructions on how to winterize your irrigation backflow pressure vacuum breaker - that imposing arrangement of brass on your outside wall. It lays out in simple terms how to drain your irrigation system and prevent damage from freezing. Here’s a website link to the instruction as well: Winterizing Irrigation Backflow Prevention Assemblies

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