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Water Conservation Opportunities

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8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
Hotline: 720-733-6935
Website: CSU Extension Office, Douglas County

Water Saving Resources & Guides

Xeriscape Plants

Xeriscape Class Handouts

These handouts are part of our Water Conservation class series, including xeriscaping and other landscaping and gardening tips.

Class Handouts

Water Saving Tips - So Easy a Kid Can Do It

Metro District Utilizes Smart Water Applications Technology to Manage Water Use

CalSense Weather StationThe Castle Pines North Metropolitan District's new Calsense Irrigation Flow Management System utilizes a centralized computer controlled irrigation system.

The system's flow meter sensors are able to detect abnormally high rates of water flow and are designed to shut down a main irrigation line within a few short minutes.  The system is programmed to automatically send an "alert" message to the computer used by the parks and open space staff.  The message provides the details of the issue and the exact location of the failure so that repairs can be made quickly.

Shortly after the system was brought online in 2008, a failure was detected in a main line break over a weekend and shut down the affected area, saving an estimated 168,600 gallons of water.  That equates to the amount of water one family could use indoors for two years (based on 7,000 gallons a month).  An added value to the system's design is that it will shutdown one zone when an emergency occurs, but continue the watering of other scheduled zones.  Additional benefits of the system include water management reporting and water budgeting.

The Calsense system was purchased in 2007 with a $56,000 grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board.  Calsense is the leader in Smart Water Applications Technology (SWAT), a national partnership initiative created by the Irrigation Association to promote landscape water use efficiency through the application of state-of-the-art irrigation technologies.  The Calsense system receives data from the Campbell Scientific Weather Station weather to determine weather conditions and is ET and soil moisture based.

Xeriscape Resources

7 Steps to Xeriscapes

Plant Select
Find the perfect plants, shrubs and trees for your gardens and landscaping. Each spring since 1997, Plant Select has announced winning varieties of plants that flourish in the unique growing conditions and climates of Colorado. Plant Select® is a cooperative program administered by Denver Botanic Gardens and Colorado State University in concert with horticulturists and nurseries throughout the Rocky Mountain region and beyond.

Xeriscape Colorado
Xeriscape Colorado is a program of the Colorado WaterWise Council.  Xeriscape promotes creative approaches to water conserving landscapes by helping people improve their landscapes and to reduce the need for water, maintenance and other resources.   Visit web site

It's all about water.  And conserving it.  Learn how to conserve water with the help of an educational DVD.  In less than half-an-hour, learn how to transform your yard into a beautiful landscape that works with our Colorado environment.
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Xeriscape DVD

The Garden Centers of Colorado
An informative site for your Xeriscape needs.  The 'Seven Steps To Xeriscape Gardening' will help you plan, create and maintain a beautiful low-water use landscape.  Information is provided to help with proper selection of trees, shrubs, turf, annuals, perennials, bulbs, ornamental grasses and vines.

Colorado State University Extension Office
Master Gardeners are available to answer questions about your landscaping needs.  Planttalk addresses not only landscaping topics, but includes information on insects, weeds and wildlife.

For additional landscaping tips and to find a certified landscaper visit The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado have landscaping tips and help in finding a certified landscape professional to best fit your needs.

Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado

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